Hajj Imraan Chand, Kellat M’Gouna, Morrocco



Bismillah ar- Rahamaan ar-Raheem

Wa Salalalahu Allah ala Sayidinah Muhammad wa Ala Alihi wa Sahbihi Ajma’een


As Salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

It is a great honour for me to address this esteemed gathering today in the presence of the honourable  Governor , Shaykh Moulay Mortada, esteemed Shuyukh and Ulama and Fuqara of the Darqawi Shaadhli  Tariqh


Shaykh Moulay Mortada has asked me to give a brief talk on the work and aims of ‘ The Foundation of the Africa Ulamah’ , established and inaugurated last Ramadaan in the Qarawin in Fez,  by is eminence the King of Morocco, Muhammad As Sadis , may Allah preserve and protect him.

In preparing for this talk I was reminded of what Sidi Ali Al-Jamal Rahimullah said, that, when the Kings of the inward and the Kings of the outward meet, then great things happen. I remember Shaykh Abdal Qadir as-Sufi saying to us that we will insha-Allah connect the south of this continent with the north – from Cape Town to Tangier – by Zawiyyaa’s. of our tariqa. We see alongside this the desire of the King of Morocco, His Eminence Muhammad As Sadis to connect through this Foundation, the  Ulema of Africa.

My understanding is that this initiative began a few years back when, on a visit to Mali, the President of Mali asked the present King, His Eminence Muhammad as-Sadis , to train the Imaams of Mali from the small towns and villages of Mali, so that they in turn could benefit their communities with a sound teaching in the Malaki fiqh and correct Aqidah of the Ahl Sunnah Wal Jamaat. The result of this, is a most successful and excellent institute in Rabat where Imams are trained. This institute is affiliated and run under the auspices of the Qarawin University . It now forms an integral part of the work of the Foundation.

In these difficult days in the Muslim world, where people young and old are easily waylaid into all manner of extremism and dangers, both for their lives and Aqeeda, very often turning on each other in the name of the Deen, the King, His Eminence Muhammad as-Sadis, in his wisdom has taken the initiative to gather the ulema of this continent to take the lead in firstly recognising the sound traditional teaching of the  Ahl Sunnah Wal Jamaat and then to be its guardians and teachers in order that people find safety in both this world and the next, insha-Allah.

I will briefly quote from an article of the South African chapter of the Foundation to enlighten us on the aims and goals of the Foundation:

‘The Foundation recognisers the importance of the religious, historical and cultural ties which unite Morocco and other African states in the service of Islam, namely through knowledge and the dissemination of the values of a middle path and by encouraging research and studies pertaining to Islamic thought and culture;

The Foundation, eager to preserve the unity of the Muslim religion and to thwart any extremist trend regarding thought and religion, and seizing every opportunity for exchanging viewpoints among the Ulema of the African continent and for promoting people’s achievements in the field of science and knowledge;

The Foundation desires to strengthen the age-old ties, historical and civilizational, which unite the Kingdom of Morocco and the other African States.

The Foundation wishes to ensure the protecting of the Muslim faith and the spiritual unity of the African peoples against all violent trends and ways of thinking that undermine the sanctity of Islam and it precepts and goals by reaffirming the need to unify the efforts of the Ulema of the African continent in order to accomplish their noble mission as it should  be accomplished within the framework of conduct, orientation, explanation and education, the goal of which is to inculcate in people honour and good manners

Establish relations of cooperation with the associations and organisations that pursue similar Objectives.

For these reasons, the Foundation under his Majesty Mohamed VI of Morocco has decided to unify the efforts of the Kingdom of Morocco Ulema and those of their colleagues of the continent so as to achieve these supreme aims.’

In short the foundation recognises, Firstly the important role of the ulema, secondly the role of the Zawaya and the Tariqa Soufiyya and thirdly the important role of administrators of Masaajid and Madaris in achieving its goals.


As a member of the Foundation I can inform you that the South African chapter of the foundation has already been established under the direction of Shaykh Moulay Mortada so that the work of connecting the Ulema who subscribe to the aims of the Foundation can be included, so that as many people as possible  can benefit from the work of the Foundation.

Much work lies ahead no doubt, and for this we ask Allah’s help and assistance.

We express our deepest gratitude to The King and his excellent people in the Ministry of Awqaf for their concern for all the Muslims and we ask Allah to reward them, protect them, and fulfil the noblest intention.

I wish to thank and congratulate the Governor, Shaykh Moulay Mortadha, the Organisers, and all gathered for this excellent programme.

I thank you all.

As salaam wu Alaykum.






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